I'm Amanda Welliver


Amanda's methods helped me believe in myself more and that I matter to the world.

Lawrence Jr Mantla

Amanda has outdone herself in coming up with her methods! I learned what self-esteem really is and what type it is, allowing me to discover my inner self and draw strength from it.

Melody Kipling

A few months back I tried committing suicide, actually died twice and since then something was missing, with Amanda's methods opened my eyes and soul as what was missing.  I learned that without y self-esteem my life is not complete.

Female name withheld for privacy

Amanda's methods have taught me to never be afraid to stand up for myself.  I never thought I would be the confident happier person I am today.  Her methods are amazing!!  I highly recommend her to whoever wants to boost their self-esteem.

Victoria Lendi

I am not the only one who had those kinds of feelings.  I have learned more about how I am more important to me and my babies.

Abigail Waskahat