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Let me show you how to live emotionally rich and happy: using my award winning self-esteem techniques to raise your overall self-worth long term!

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Love Yourself

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I'm Amanda Welliver

Are you tired of feeling 'less than' and unlovable? 


 I personally know VERY well from first hand experience living day to day like this.  I know how much it hurts living your life day after day feeling like you 'don't belong', feeling empty, lost, directionless and wondering  'how am I supposed to like myself for who I am, when I don't like anything about being me?'


We should not base our opinions of ourselves on what others say or measure ourselves against other's accomplishments, but let's be realistic -- we do. Regardless of age, we're individuals and we need to be encouraged to develop and nurture a strong self-image. The key is to uncover the whats and hows - and this is where my passion can effectively change your life long term.


Most of us already know our favourite colour and food -- why? Because someone asked you and more importantly you've thought about the answer.  The answers are the key, yet sadly a great majority of people live every day as a physical shell, not knowing their authentic self, but I change that.


My programs are designed to re-educate yourself to maintain a long-term feeling of high healthy sense of self-worth by educating, and revealing your amazing authentic self.  I truly hope you decide that today is the day to start your new self-esteem journey.  My goal is for you to also love yourself 'As Is', just as God does and wants for all of us...